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Get ready, the 2020 DTNA Technician Skills Competition is right around the corner! 


The first round of 2020 DTNA Technician Skills Competition will consist of a written exam, on ARC, to qualify for the hands-on main event (versus the previous regional and then final competition).  There will be 14 Vehicle Dealer Techs and 14 Engine Dealer/Distributor Techs that qualify.  Each qualifying competitor will be able to bring a plus one and their manager.  We are always excited be able to host this competitive recognition/rewards event, and look forward to seeing you there! 

More details to follow, but please put these dates on your calendar.  It will be another great year to witness techs showing off their best!

Thank You,
Service Training Academy

It's that time again! 


In our efforts to strive for continual improvement the Technical Communications Team (TechComm) would like to periodically gather your feedback over time. We've put together a short survey to gather your input regarding the Technical Literature site on 


The survey consists of 6 questions and should only take about a minute or two to complete.  So, please take a moment and share your experience with us. If you've taken the survey in the past, please don't hesitate to do so again as we'll be continually evaluating how the results change over time. 


You can access the survey here: TechLit Feedback, and as always you can leave feedback in the Feedback forum. 


Thank you! 


I am happy to announce Community Advocate Program, and our first volunteer Advocates!

Community advocates are members of the community who have demonstrated expert troubleshooting knowledge as well as continued commitment to making DTNA Solutions a better place to collaborate, share, and help others. Our first member advocates are: 


Scott Trippel, Eric Bloom, Chaz Trimble, Kyle Siebert, Talbert Simonian, and Robert Cadell Jr


Advocates are volunteers who will be able to assist in moderating the community forums, help organize content, and mostly just keep being themselves and help making DTNA Solutions the best support tool possible. You can recognize an advocate by looking for the blue "Moderator" badge next to their names.  


I know they've already been around the community for a while, and many of you know them, but please give them a warm welcome. 




Justin Johnson

DTNA Solutions Update

Posted by Justin Johnson Employee Jun 14, 2018

Welcome to the new DTNA Solutions! We've undergone some changes, so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new site and layout. We apologize for the downtime but have been working diligently to bring you the best technical support resources possible. To get started please take a look at the updated FAQs and forum descriptions.



As we continue to roll out and improve on the site, you'll start to see new features and areas become available. If you have any questions, issues or problems with the new site upgrade, please let us know in the new Feedback forums and tell us how we can help. Please be patient as we continue to work to bring you the best support possible.


Thank you for your time and support through this upgrade process, and welcome to the new DTNA Solutions!